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Relaxation, the Crucial Factor for Our Health | Massage Therapy and Relaxation

In the pressures of everyday life and work you can find yourself emotionally drained and tense physically. You should be aware how this can affect your whole body, general health and the way you feel in the short and long term .

We all have periods in the year, commonly for many of us during the Christmas period, when we feel under pressure, tired and overwhelmed.

Headaches, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, muscular tension, back pain, difficulty to focus, forgetfulness, irritation, shortness of breath, fatique are all symptoms of stress, not to be ignored.

Staying in the fight'or'flight mode when stress hormones control our body, can lead to more serious health issues, low immunity, musculoskeletal disorders, negatively affect our cardio-vascular health.

Massage therapy has been proven to activate relaxation response. This happens by activating the parasymphatetic nervous system in bringing our body to rest mode.

Results of studies carried out by staff at the University of Miami School of Medicine Touch Research Institute, in Miami, Florida showed a decrease in anxiety with the best results of a massage with moderate pressure. Patients that received a massage with moderate pressure also showed a decrease in heart rate, during the treatment and following the session.

Another study focusing on a massage therapy and relaxation included measures of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), stress and immune function, as well as serum cholesterol. There were significant improvements in all factors.

Massage therapy is also recommend by NHS to decrease headaches. In a study, people with a history of migraines who had a 45-minute weekly massage had fewer headaches than those who didn’t receive massages.

Holistic massage therapy focus on the whole person taking into account their medical history, previous injuries and traumas, stress levels, physical and emotional body. Regular sessions include a full body treatment or only areas required/needed. All treatments are individual and were appropriate massage is combined with Neurokinetic Therapy, gentle manual muscle testing, NKT protocols to reveal a root of chronic complaints etc.

We are hear to help. You can book online but feel free to contact us to consult at any time via phone (07596209609) or email if you have any questions.


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