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10 Steps To A Healthier You


I am so glad to see you here!

The 10 Step To A Healthier You challenge will start at the beginning of March and will run weekly for 10 weeks. 2 to 3 sessions will be carried out over the ZOOM, for the rest of them we will meet in person in Oxford Street Therapy Centre. There will be max. of 4 people including myself at each in-person meeting.

The in-person sessions will take place either on Monday or on Thursday afternoon at 2pm. You can sign up at the bottom of this email and I get in touch with you to arrange for your preferred day. Each session will last approx 30 - 45 minutes.
If possible I advise not to miss any of the live sessions but if something goes wrong and you cannot make it, you will be provided with written materials and I catch you up over the email.

What we cover:

Step 1 - Intro, Hydration
Step 2 - Movement
Step 3 - Nutrition, part 1, part 2 (this session will be slightly longer)
Step 4 - Digestive Health 
Step 5 - Brain Health (ZOOM)
Step 6 - Breathing 
Step 7 - Sound Sleep (ZOOM)
Step 8 - Surprise!
Step 9 - Emotional Health
Step 10 - Detoxify

A Bonus meeting for everyone interested, week 11.

What is included:

In-person meetings and live ZOOM presentations, PDF notes, physical notes, quizzes, online support, bonus presentations, bonus information and PDF articles, a certificate for completing the challenge.

11th session free of charge is offered to everyone who would like to meet up one more time to reflect back, receive or offer support and share their experiences, struggles, ideas.

What will you learn and get out of this Challenge:

This challenge is designed to gain an understanding of basic human physical, physiological, emotional needs, the whole body. A holistic approach (taking into account the entire body) to health

After completing each step you will know you have done something for your body and your body will thank you for it.  There is a mini-challenge assigned after each session for you to follow until we meet again.

After 10 weeks, you can apply all the learned knowledge to your specific needs. You might also find that parts of your health that you weren't even aware of have improved, and you suddenly feel easier, lighter, stronger, and more energetic physically and mentally. 

The goal of this challenge is not only to help you to make changes to your lifestyle and improve how you live and feel during these 10 weeks.
The information learned during this time will help you to make a sustainable improvement that will potentially change your life.

This challenge can potentially help you with the following:
- Energy levels and stamina
- Mind clarity and mood
- Physical and mental health
- Sleep
- Skin health 
- Digestion and gut health
- Weight loss
- Hormonal balance
- Pain

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for anyone who would like to feel good and happy in their own skin. 
There is no age restriction, teens below 18 need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you live with a medical condition or an autoimmune disease this challenge can be super helpful, but let me know if this applies to you before taking further steps. 

Book your space below. A deposit of £55 is required on the booking. You can pay the rest just before or on the day of our first session.
There are 10 sessions altogether, £11 each session, £110 for the whole of the 10 Weeks Program.

You will be contacted upon your booking to choose your preferred day, Monday or Thursday afternoon 2pm.

I hope you are excited, as much as I am to start!
I will be in touch with each of you privately before we meet for the 1. Step of the Challenge!




01933 740230



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