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Natalia Vrchovska Bowles

Massage, Movement Therapist

Personal Trainer

Holistic Health Coach


The Health Hut

Barnfield farm

Finedon road

Burton Latimer


A Bit About Me

I am a holistic massage and movement therapist, a holder of Holistic, remedial and deep tissue massage diploma (anatomy, physiology, and pathology level 4), certified pregnancy massage therapist, certified Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) practitioner level 3, Personal Trainer L3, ID core concepts practitioner, certified personal trainer and kettlebell instructor, registered first aider, Holistic Health Coach.

I have started my journey as a professional therapist in 2011.

I love helping people and teaching people how to help themselves. My aim is to empower people and help them to recognize their own power. 

Throughout the years my focus shifted several times. During each of these periods, I learned different ways and treatment techniques that enabled me to help my clients with diverse needs.

From acute pain clients needing immediate pain relief to chronic muscular-skeletal complaints.

In the most recent years, I dived deeper into a holistic approach to health, focusing on functional nutrition, gut health, hormonal balance and so much more.

Common complaints in my practice are lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, general back pain and immobility, hip and groin pain, shoulder pain and movement problems, and knee pain. 

Pain is often accompanied by muscular weakness, joint immobility, pelvic misalignments, and other physical and physiological symptoms. These can be all addressed over several sessions.

I also provide general treatments, massage therapy pre and post-exercise, therapeutic and relaxing massages, and bodywork.

I offer personal training sessions, currently working mobile only. 

If you need help get in touch!

*ask me how I can help

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