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What Is Holistic Massage

The term holistic comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ which means ‘whole’ and Holistic

Massage takes into account the person’s whole being. Its aim is

your total wellness. It has a positive impact on all body systems, bringing them

into balance and creating overall well-being or conditions for better healing. Holistic

massage can give you essential support you need, make you feel relaxed and

reassured and it may be a good complement with other therapies, such as

physiotherapy. As a holistic massage practitioner, I care about each person I treat.

From experience, I know that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment- even if two

people have the same problem, treatment will often vary.

When you come for a holistic massage, I take time to find out a little bit about your

lifestyle, your stress levels and other relevant information, such as whether you’re

in pain, whether you suffer from insomnia or need treatment for a specific problem.

I’ll look at your body system as a whole. For example, you may have abdominal or

back pain that could be made worse by stress – the treatment I give you will aim to

alleviate both.

I can also help you spot potential problems

in your lifestyle and advise on how to minimise or avoid them. I firmly believe in

the connection between mind and body and have seen many times that massage is

a powerful tool for bringing healing and relief.

The great thing is that massage is natural and non-invasive, so it’s suitable for

anyone, whatever your age or condition*.

*There are conditions when massage is not suitable, can be total or local contraindication. Please contact your medical practitioner if you are unsure.

Local contraindication examples, a bone fracture, recent sprain, eczema, abdominal hernia.

Total contraindication - recent stroke or head injury, recent severe spine injury or operation, contagious diseases, cancer*.

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