This practice is fully open from the 12th of April. Although we stayed open during the lockdown for essential appointments, you can now return to maintenance treatments and relaxation massage therapy and bodywork, breathwork, and 1-2-1 personal training.

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If you cannot visit me in the clinic I might be able to help you remotely - online. Remote sessions can be helpful if you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain, aches, joint pain, and restricted movement. We also offer remote personal training and more. 

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Natalia Vrchovska Bowles PT, MT, NKT
Massage, Bodywork and Movement

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What Our Clients Say


'Thanks to the lovely Natalia for all her advice, healing and massages. I have been seeing Natalia since my first & second painful SPD pregnancies and since for my back & neck pain whenever necessary. Would highly recommend her for her kind, caring & professional service.'

Ashley Panter

'Natalia is a highly skilled practitioner and gifted healer. In a small number of sessions, she has completely turned around severe, incapacitating symptoms from a 35 yr old ankle injury and set me on a new path of movement. I am very grateful, and cannot recommend her highly enough.'

Beverley Matthews

'Booked a 90 minute deep tissue massage expecting for my problems to be temporarily eased, as they usually are after a massage, but i was blown away by how amazing this experience was. Natalia was fantastic. The treatment was in depth, focused and in tune with what my body was suffering with and needed. Being able to identify areas never before highlighted to me was an eye opener and i look forward to returning and seeing how i progress! Thank you!'

Kate Lloyd

'I have long understood the benefits of massage and regularly have massages. I have visited many masseuses and have had lots of different types of massage. Natalia is the best masseuse I have experienced. In fact I enjoyed my massage so much I immediately booked one for my mum. I cannot recommend Natalia enough.'

Louise Holder


'I was suffering from back pain caused from work when I decided to call Natalia for a massage. I would like to say a massive thank you as it really helped and I felt so much better afterwards. Just one session made all the difference and I would definitely call her again. Thank you'



'I immediately felt comfortable with Natalia, she makes your massage very personable to you and this is what I loved most about it. I had a number of prenatal massages with Natalia as I was suffering from sciatica and the massages really helped me. I always came out of the therapy feeling so relaxed and had a fantastic night's sleep. Thank you for your amazing work Natalia, I will definitely be back post-baby!'

Luisa G.


'I used Natalia for the first time this week. It was also my first proper massage. I found her to be professional and friendly. The massage was great and I slept through the night for the first time in years. I could feel the difference in my back, neck and shoulders after one session. Booked for next week. Thank you Natalia.'

Scott Nelson


'Having suffered with pain and numbness in my arms and hands for many years and having tried many treatments I thought surgery was the only option. Then I found Natalia and a couple of sessions later I was nearly back to normal. Natalia is a natural and I am extremely thankful for her help.'

Susan Cordery


I used Natalia for the 1st time a few days ago I can say that Natalia was very professional in her approach, I had severe back pain and could barely walk, but after an hr with Natalia I felt relaxed and a lot more supple and I found it much easier to walk and I was able to return to work albeit light duties just 2 days after the initial massage.I plan to use Natalia again.Thank you!



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